Axis Milot-Fier / Government will not guarantee more than 10% of investment of 1.18 billion euros / Balluku: Above this ceiling we do not accept offers


The Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Belinda Balluku stated today that the Blue Corridor has been a dream and will continue to be for Albanians until the moment of realization.

During a TV interview a day after the opening of the competition for the construction of the Milot-Fier road axis, part of this corridor, Balluku said that today we have started the realization of this dream.

The 115 kilometers of the new Milot-Fier highway will be a category A road, with European Union standards, which will be built entirely as a private investment, but with a new formula.

Balluku says that the procurement procedure provides for the private company to design the road engineering project and that there will be no reward for the company that does the project with bonus points in the competition.

"The winner of this competition must first do the detailed project, then I have to build all the segments, then the operation and after 35 years the transfer back to the state and they are all equal, so no one will receive a bonus," said Balluku .

The Minister noted that in no case, the government will guarantee more than 10% of investment for missing traffic.

"When we have the negative scenario and this number is not reached, the Albanian state must cover the difference with 10% of the investment, which is very important in the first 16 years of the contract. This 10% is the ceiling on which we do not accept offers from competitors. ”

The new axis will build from the first 53 kilometers from Milot to Lekaj and 63 kilometers will be the extension of the highway from Lushnja to Rrogozhina to the entrance of the Fier bypass.

Minister Balluku announced that the road will have works of art such as its bridges, some tunnels and overpasses, underpasses, important junctions which connect other axes with this central road.

Regarding the payment, Balluku said that "the citizen must choose whether to take the speedway by paying, or to take a national road of excellent quality, but which has a lower speed".

To the accusations that the competition is predetermined, Minister Balluku responds by saying that the tender consultant is a company that has been selected as an assistant in this project by the European Union.

The first phase of road construction is completed in 2024, while the full axis will be ready in 2026.

115 kilometers of the segment Milot-Thumanë-Kashar-Pezë Helmës-Luz i Vogël-Rrogozhinë-Lushnjë-Fier will be traversed for 75 minutes, on a road with the highest standards of category A and B, which will be built according to all necessary road safety elements.

With the construction of this road axis, the distance from Morina to Fier will be covered for 3 hours and the access of all tourists coming from Kosovo to the Ionian coast, will not only be much faster, but will also be very safer.



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