"Airbus" successfully tests the take-off of the drone


AIRBUS has successfully tested the automatic take-off flight of an aircraft at Toulouse airport in France.

The A350-1000 performed eight automatic take-offs over a period of four and a half hours, thanks to new image recognition technology installed on it. Airbus has confirmed that the new steps are tests on automatic taxis that will be performed later this year. The idea of fully automatic commercial aircraft has been dumped for decades while a survey conducted in 2019, has concluded that the 70% of 22 thousand passengers feel ready to fly on a fully automatic aircraft.

However, incidents like those of the Boeing 737 max raise questions about safety issues in fully automatic aircraft. According to Airbus, their goal is not to replace pilot-piloted aircraft, but they certainly aim to improve flight operations as a whole.

The goal is to improve flight operation so that a pilot can focus more on strategic decision making and mission management.


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