BVLGARI, three centuries of history and tradition


Founded in Rome in the 19th century by the talented Greek jeweler Sotirio Bulgari, this brand quickly established a reputation for Italian excellence with exquisite craftsmanship and magnificent creations mainly in jewelery.

Over the decades, Bulgarian innovations and inputs defined a distinctive style combined with bright colors, brilliantly balanced volumes, and unmistakable motifs that in one way or another paid homage to the company's Roman roots.

While always respecting its cultural heritage, Bulgaria brought innovations that rewrote the rules of jewelry and the designs that bore their name spurred new trends by standing out as icons of contemporary design.

BVLGARI, three centuries of history and tradition 1

From silver to gold

The fine silver ornaments by Sotirio Bulgari were highly praised by English tourists who came to Rome in those years for the traditional "Grand" tour and made the business flourish and fame gain.

After the first store in "Via Sistina", new stores were opened one after another in "Via Condotti" and in other tourist destinations.

When Sotirio's sons Giorgio and Costantino joined their father in business, they suggested that the family company should focus on producing special jewelry for the elite of the time.

The first jewelry-style creations of the 1920s reflected the design of the traditional French school, including platinum and diamonds with geometric designs.

From the 1940s, the true style of Italy began to emerge, embracing the sunny shades of yellow gold.

Over the decades, the beauties of Rome have been translated into countless codes of Bulargi jewelery, inadvertently transforming this city as the brand identity.

BVLGARI, three centuries of history and tradition 2

The chromatic symphonies, the balancing of the volumes, and the talent for perfecting the geometry brilliantly revived Rome's unique coexistence with the present and the past.

What have always made this brand special, are the stunning combinations and modern and vibrant designs inspired by romantic feelings over beauty. While most of the design, production and marketing are supervised and executed by Bulgaria, the company occasionally cooperates with other entities. In 2001 the company launched the hotel brand, Bulgaria Hotels & Resorts, a collection of properties and tourist destinations around the world.


Precious jewels

Bulgaria jewelry collections include: B.zero1, Dream Divas, Serpenti, BVLGARI BVLGARI, Parentesi and a special bridal line.


Watch collections include: Octo, BVLGARI BVLGARI, Diagono and Haute Horlogerie for men, and LVCEA, Serpenti etc. The models are a mix of Italian and Swiss design. The Swiss subsidiary of the company, Bulgaria Haute Horlogerie SA, based in Neuchâtel, is responsible for the production of Bulgaria watches.  


Bulgaria fragrances include: Goldea, Splendida and Omnia for women, BVLGARI Man, Aqua, Classics and Blv Pour Homme for men.

BVLGARI, three centuries of history and tradition 3

Leather accessories and products

The creation of Bulgaria accessories and leather items takes place in the Bulgaria atelier in Florence. Twice a year, Bulgaria presents its latest collections at Milan Fashion Week, debuting in spring / summer or even autumn / winter shows.

Bulgari Hotels & Resorts

"Bulgaria Hotels & Resorts" is a collection of hotels and tourist destinations around the world. From Milan and London "Bulgaria Hotels & Resorts" has recently expanded to Beijing, Dubai and Shanghai. 

BVLGARI, three centuries of history and tradition 4

Store line 

Bulgaria relies on a distribution network of about 300 stores. The largest store in the world is the 10-storey "Bulgaria Ginza" tower in Tokyo, 940 square meters with retail space, including a restaurant and a lounge.



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