Seaside houses / How to bring relaxation through decor



By Junilda Karanxha

Architect and Head of office at “Archistudio”

The coast is the most convenient place to get rid of the accumulated pressure and stress of working months. Sea and wave noise are therapy!

We are very lucky to have the sea geographically nearby, with a coastline to be envied. This has enabled us to have the luxury of spending a good part of our free time by the sea.

And we, as architects, from a professional point of view have had the golden opportunity to design both exteriors and interiors of buildings near the sea.

Personally, during my experience as an architect, I have noticed a sensitivity to the best realization of even houses or apartments near the sea… The same dedication, the same concern to make everything as perfect as possible, the same energy spent! Automatically and on my part an equivalent commitment has been offered (I am convinced by my colleagues as well).

Houses on the coast / How to bring relaxation through decor 1

The houses on the coast have a special feature. It seems like they should "shout" at any time "relaxation and vacation"!

It is worth noting that, despite this leitmotif, all styles are implemented in the coastal houses: Scandinavian style, Boho-chic, modern contemporary style, minimalist style, classic, rustic, shabby, industrial, French style, pop-art style etc. All styles find themselves in these houses, it is enough to select the compositional elements well! But the exclusive is the fact that no limits are set for creativity!

The main topic that is most naturally embraced by all of us, is that "MARINE"!

The white canvas and touch with all the blue gradients is the perfect combination that instantly transmits the feeling of the sea and holidays near it.

This formula is 100% valid for large areas, ie villas near the coast, as well as for minimalist apartments in the area: from modern style to classic!

White as color exalts surfaces, visually increases volume with 30%; the environment breathes, emits purity, makes the style read well and most importantly is a wonderful background for any "painting" we create with our style personalizations. 

Houses on the coast / How to bring relaxation through decor 2

In short, you never go wrong with white! With this background we work with pastel gradients of any color, just as strong, solar, warm and cold colors are implemented quite well and thus a personalized and unique style is created.


Close your eyes and I immediately remember just mentioning the house on the seafront:

Lots of natural light, large windows, light semi-transparent linen curtains that flutter in the light breeze, pure white and dominant, comfortable armchairs to include when lying down, colorful cushions, a dining area that allows you to casually enjoy a dish with the wonderful fruits of the season. The feet step on the parquet and there is no more beloved feeling… when they lead naturally to the porch! You sit in the rocking chair and gaze at the blue horizon! The noise of the waves is nothing compared to anything…!


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