New Patos / Balluku water supply: Albania has become a major construction site for water infrastructure


In the municipality of Patos, work has begun on the construction of a new water supply system, which will benefit uninterrupted supply of drinking water to about 32 thousand inhabitants.

The current aqueduct was built in 1988 and since then there has been no complete intervention leading to its degradation.

The depreciation of the network, water losses and abusive connections affected the reduction of water supply hours for the residents of this municipality, while the costs of the water supply company were too high.

Thanks to an investment worth 10m euros, the situation is expected to change radically. This project is one of the 5 largest projects currently being funded by the Albanian Government at the national level, due to the complexity of this work.

The Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Belinda Balluku, together with the director of AKUM, Alqi Bllako, MP Antoneta Dhima and the Mayor of Patos, Rajmonda Balilaj inspected the works that are being done for this work, where so far about 30% have been realized.

"The construction project of the water supply system of Patos is divided into two phases. Today we are inspecting the works of the first phase which started in April 2020 and according to the contract is expected to be completed in October 2021, but with the progress of the works we are very optimistic that the first phase will be completed much earlier. . The first phase consists of the construction and complete replacement of almost 53 kilometers of internal network and the installation of water meters for all individual customers and business customers ", said director Bllako.

The Minister of Infrastructure and Energy stressed that Albania has already turned into a large construction site in terms of construction of new water supply systems.

"Where we are investing today are water supply systems that have been built and have never been touched. We are going and looking at warehouses or pipelines of the 60s, '70s. "Albania has become a big construction site, in terms of building all these new water supply, transmission and distribution network, but it must be understood that the need is great and is everywhere," she said.

The Mayor of Patos described the investment for the construction of the water supply system as one of the largest investments that have been made in this municipality and stressed the expectation and very positive assessment of the residents of the area.

While MP Antoneta Dhima said that the construction of the new water supply system of Patos is a promise of Prime Minister Rama for the residents of this municipality which is becoming a reality.

The second phase of works for the new water supply is expected to start within this year and will make possible, not only the doubling of the produced water, through the opening of 5 wells and the construction of two new depots, but will also halve the cost of enterprise operation.

During the inspection, Minister Balluku touched on the problems carried over the years in the area of Zharrëza, to which a lasting solution has already been found.

"We are in a process, which we have encouraged to complete as soon as possible, in coordination with both Civil Emergencies and the concessionaire, on the issue of compensation in the area of Zharrza. By cooperating with the concessionaire as 50% of damages will be covered by them and 50% by the Government. The concessionaire is already clear about the technical conditions to work in the area and what we have stopped and how engaged the ministry is in this whole process to have a supervision and to no longer have problems like the ones we encountered in it. the past. We must close all the damages that have occurred in the past and certainly without allowing the company to have the same negative impact in the area of Zharrza ", stressed the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Belinda Balluku.


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