Women's Chamber of Commerce Created / Antonela Hako: We aim to be the voice of all women entrepreneurs


Women entrepreneurs also have a representation of their own. Yesterday in Tirana was created the Women's Chamber of Commerce, which aims to be the voice and support for all young women and girls who are in business, or are starting a new venture.
Women in entrepreneurship continue to face many challenges. The Women's Chamber of Commerce aims to be the help and voice to properly overcome or address these challenges and, among other things, aims to close the gender gap that has been created over the years in entrepreneurship.

In Albania, about 70 % of business is run by men and only 30% of enterprises are headed by women or have female shareholders.

The opening ceremony yesterday in Tirana was attended by women entrepreneurs from various fields such as: agro-tourism, media, services and production industry, as well as government officials and representatives, including the Minister of Economy and Finance Anila Denaj, Minister of Defense of Entrepreneurship Eduart Shalsi etc.

The President of the Chamber of Commerce Antonela Hako in her speech said: “Women in careers and business face great challenges. We talk about low access to finance, low representation in the legal direction of business in our country, lack of information, often times and self-exclusion or restriction from the social circle due to multiple commitments. Meetings with various institutions and actors have reconfirmed once again the real problems of women in entrepreneurship, but at the same time have provided us with strategic partnership and support.

A good model of organization and contribution to supporting women in entrepreneurship came from the Women's Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo. In her speech, President Aferdita Saraçini brought the experience of the G7 room (founded by 7 women) and their contribution in informing, supporting and properly addressing issues that concern women in entrepreneurship.

With the motto "a stronger woman in the economy, brings prosperity to the family and society", the Women's Chamber of Commerce aims to protect the economic and social interests of women, to address their problems and concerns, to inspire, to promote entrepreneurship, etc.


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