“Global Gap” certification / 34 applicant farmers qualify as beneficiaries of the National Scheme


34 farmers who have applied to the National Support Scheme for Agriculture 2020, for the certification "Global Gap" are eligible to receive a subsidy from the government.

The government supports the certification of agricultural products with European standards, as an important factor in promoting safe exports 'Made in Albania', to international markets.

The National Scheme for Support of Agriculture 2020, with funds from the state budget addresses the subsidy of farmers for the implementation and certification with Global GAP of agricultural products, in the amount of 50% of the total value of the tax invoice.

According to the defined criteria, by decision of the government, all farmers who apply Global GAP certification benefit, but not more than 175 000 ALL, in vegetables, fruits, grapes, olives and citrus, in planted area not less than 1 hectares. / ATSH /


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