Rinas / Flights with 4 countries resume, mandatory masks


Tirana International Airport announces that today flights resume with 4 countries, Austria, Germany, Greece and Serbia.

Through a press release, Tirana Airport Partners informed that traveling passengers must respect hygiene protocols. Also, TIA states that masks are mandatory.

Two days ago, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy published the protocol that must be followed at airports and during travel on board aircraft, where, among other things, it is stated that passengers who will be identified with a temperature of 37.5 and above will not be allowed to travel.

Meanwhile, according to the company, departures from Albania are still limited for persons who do not have a residence permit or passport for the above destinations.

"Only residents of the European Union and EU citizens are allowed to travel," the TIA said in a statement.

Tia says that the situation changes by the hour, and therefore requires the understanding of citizens.

Flights performed today:

Austria Airlines - The flight from Vienna arrives at 14.20 and departs at 15.05
Air Serbia - The flight from Belgrade arrives at 14.30 and departs at 15.00
Air Albania - The repatriation flight from Frankfurt arrives at 18.15
Aegean Airline - Flight from Athens arrives at 19.25 and departs at 20.05



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