12 motivational lessons from genius Warren Buffett


From an early age businessman and philanthropist Warren Buffett was destined for success. In his early teens he sold black garbage bags to neighbors and distributed local newspapers, while at the age of 15 he began investing in real estate.

Today, the oracle of Ohamas has a fortune of billions of dollars and is present in many seminars or events that focus on self-development by giving and disseminating advice to large audiences of people around America, Europe and beyond.

Warren Buffett is a true genius. He managed to put complex ideas into sayings that will stand the test of time.

In almost all of his public appearances and interviews Buffet has expressed that the secret of his success is the fact that he has never stopped and contented himself with the process of learning new things. "Keep learning, even if you don't like the process," he says.

Below we list some of the motivational tips and sayings of the man who for years ranks as one of the richest people in the world and stands at the top of the real estate investment industry.

  1. It takes 20 years to build fame and five minutes to destroy it. If you think about it you will do things differently.
  2. Someone stays in the shade today because someone else planted the tree a long time ago.
  3. Rule no. 1: Never lose money. Rule no. 2: Never forget rule no. 1.
  4. Take action when opportunities come your way. I have had periods of life when ideas have come to me excessively and I have also had periods without ideas. If an idea comes to me next week, I will do something. If not, then I will not do anything.
  5. It is good to associate with people better than you. Choose companions whose behavior is better than yours and you will see that you too will move in that direction.
  6. The only thing you should not do when you fall into the pit is not to keep digging.
  7. Price is what pays. Value is what it takes.
  8. I do not seek to pass seven degrees at once. I seek that degree which I can pass.
  9. The danger comes from not knowing what you are doing.
  10. Predicting rain is not an invention. Build ships yes.
  11. No matter how great the talent or dedication, some things have their time. You can not give birth to a baby within a month leaving 9 pregnant women.
  12. It is much better to buy a great company at an acceptable price than an acceptable company at a great price.


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