COVID-19 / Ambassador Zingraf: Measures in Albania have curbed the spread of the virus, even in Germany there were no mass tests


The Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Albania, Peter Zingraf, praised the efforts and measures taken by the Albanian government to curb the spread of COVID-19, congratulating the Albanian citizens for the sacrifices.

During an interview for Report TV, Ambassador Zingraf said that “in Albania I am very pleased to note that it has become possible to curb the spread of the coronavirus. This is an intermediate success of all Albanian citizens, first of all, which cost them a lot and my congratulations for that ".

According to him, the measures taken by the government have given their effect, but the restrictions will continue and efforts will have to continue in the future.

"All of us should not lose sight of this. I spoke a little while ago about transparency and the public debate that is taking place in Germany on this issue, every day in Germany there is talk about proportionality and the measures taken as well as the preservation of basic rights in this regard. "The measures taken to manage the coronavirus situation should be in defense of fundamental human rights, they should be proportionate and limited in time, in addition to being well-argued," said the ambassador.

Asked if mass testing is the key to the success of pandemic management in Germany, Ambassador Zingraf stressed that "there have been no mass tests in Germany, so we can not say that there has been mass population testing."

"Currently the limited number of test cases, for a population of 82 million people like the one in Germany, this would have been quite difficult. From this point of view, the testing strategy according to the symptoms has been followed, also tracing the contacts of the infected persons, but also in Germany, the possibility of expanding the tests is being analyzed and considered. There is a wide public debate about this. "I personally am not an epidemiologist, but I still think that the testing strategy should be referred to or oriented according to the specific situation of each country or region", he stressed.

"In fact, the pandemic is a global challenge that we have to manage and for the management of which we have to contribute all and every one of the citizens and each of the countries and Europe has put in these difficult times a considerable package of aid in this regard ", said Zingraf.

"The fight against the virus will continue for a long time, as the Federal Chancellor said, it is not a sprint but a marathon and we will all have to contribute to this fight through conservation and respecting the measures taken for physical distancing of the rules of hygiene, etc. ", he said. / ATA


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