103 years from the banknote of the Autonomous Province of Korça, with two denominations


The Bank of Albania commemorated the 103rd anniversary of the issuance of Series C banknotes of the Autonomous Province of Korça, with two denominations, Half and One Franc.

These banknotes are also known as the first Albanian banknotes, which constitute an important evidence of some of the major events in national history, such as the proclamation and activity of the Autonomous Province of Korça.

This series differs from the first two due to the change in the status of the province. Now the banknote no longer holds the legend "Self-Government Albania", but "Republic of Albania". In addition to the inscription, the symbols and decorations are the same as the first two issues, but already signed by Vasil Kondi, the current holder of the presidency of the Government Council and the Director of the Finance Office, Nikollaq Zoi.

The legend and value of these banknotes are written in both languages, Albanian and French. On their back page, top right, they have a round stamp with an eagle in the middle, around which is written "Korça Finance Directorate".

The image of all the banknote issues of the Autonomous Province of Korça was engraved by a French soldier named Davier, to whom, as a sign of gratitude for the realization of the banknote cliché, he was given a golden watch.


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