Customer Behavior lead the path to Sustainability or Sustainability is projecting the right Customer Behavior?


By Najada Taci

What is the meaning of consumer behavior?

Why is consumer behavior important?

What is Sustainable Fashion?

Why is sustainable fashion important?

When each of us will try to find some minutes and focus to the answers of these questions, will find out that really exists a very in

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teresting relation between sustainability and consumer behavior.

“Consumer behavior is the study of consumers and the processes they use to choose,  (consume) of products and services”

Studying consumer behavior is important because it helps marketers understand what influences consumers’ buying decisions.

By understanding how consumers decide on a product, they can fill in the gap in the market and identify the products that are needed.

Studying consumer behavior also helps marketers decide how to present their products in a way that generates a maximum impact on consumers. Understanding consumer buying behavior is the key secret to reaching and engaging the clients and converting them to purchase from different companies.

Companies use a considerable number of human and financial resources for identifying and understanding consumer behavior, which can make us reflect on our behavior how we make decisions for ourselves. Will we try to reflect on our daily lifestyle changes, to be more responsible for our life, for our body, to try to change the way we do shopping, try to respect our habitat, environment, and each other?

On the other hand Sustainable fashion refers to clothing that is designed, manufactured, distributed, and used in ways that are environmentally friendly.

Natural materials such as linen, cotton, silk, wool, leather, hemp, and cellulose fibers are among the most environmentally friendly. There exist the discussion that fashion leads the behavior of customers and they follow the new trends, but always for the fashion has been very important how the customers behave and respond to their products and creativity!

There are a lot of companies that are using sustainable materials for their final products, supporting suppliers and their communities in realizing their goals to create sustainable materials, supporting craftsmanship artisans, and adopting new innovative technologies, like apparel with digital capabilities, smart clothing, wearable spaces, multi-functional designs, responsive sportswear and more.

The moment when the perfect equilibrium between customer behavior demand for sustainable products and sustainable products offered to customers will be found, the fashion industry will enter a new era.




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